Test Review:

China Test Review.doc China Test Review.doc
Size : 23 Kb
Type : doc

Power points:

Geography of Ancient China.ppt Geography of Ancient China.ppt
Size : 2.303 Kb
Type : ppt
The Philosophies of China.2010.ppt The Philosophies of China.2010.ppt
Size : 2729.5 Kb
Type : ppt

Assignments :

China Map:

map.doc map.doc
Size : 0.04 Kb
Type : doc

 China: The Next Generation questions

China The Next Generation questions.doc China The Next Generation questions.doc
Size : 0.021 Kb
Type : doc

China presentation rubric:

Prezi or Glog-rubric.doc Prezi or Glog-rubric.doc
Size : 0.033 Kb
Type : doc

Helpful Tools

China culture stations: CHINA TODAY STATION:

Great Wall and Forbidden City powerpoint:

China - Great Wall.ppt China - Great Wall.ppt
Size : 1.963 Kb
Type : ppt

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